the ravenous little alien with a big temper


KayOS was born on the planet Sram, a purple planet in the Galaxy K-OS 1.


On Sram you LIVE TO EAT and that is what KayOS does well.

However, Sramatians cannot cook as they eat all the ingredients before they even make the dish! Sramatians are also VERY disorganised and impatient.


To help them cook proper meals, Sramatians have invented robots to cook for them.  While watching satellite TV one day, KayOS saw how humans cooked on the planet Earth and fell in love with it.


KayOS absolutely loves human food and now made Earth his new home in order to have a constant supply of ingredients. His sturdy Robot, TobOR came along and prepares the food for him. The only problem is, TobOR has a LOT of learning to do and KayOS goes mad with hunger if not fed on time.


A mad KayOS wouldn't be good for planet Earth!

Are you the super-chef the world needs to protect us from the wrath of KayOS?


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